FIFA to Introduce VAR in this World Cup as Match Officials Can Now Issue Red Cards for Incidents they Missed During the Game

VAR technology will now make its entry into the World Cup and will allow officials to make retrospective red card decisions in case of players found guilty of violent conduct and other similar offenses missed by the match officials at the time.

After the incident involving Luis Suarez and Giorgio Chiellini at the last World Cup, when the Uruguayan striker bit the Italian defender during the match, the need for match officials to be more prepared for such offenses was considered to be a priority. And thus, the VAR.

FIFA feels incidents such as these will be penalized as a result of VAR

Selected offenses may well be reviewed during the halftime break and if found guilty, players may well be dismissed during the break itself. FIFA is hoping that this will greatly cut down on sly acts of violence as players will now be wary of facing a suspension and perhaps being responsible for knocking their nation out of the tournament.

VAR will only be used for serious red-card offenses and narrow incidents during the match will not be reviewed as it may hamper the viewing experience of the crowd. It will also be used to review goals, penalty decisions, mistaken identity of yellow and red cards.

FIFA approved the use of VAR for the 2018 World Cup at a council meeting in March.

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